Business opportunities in Serbia

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Not many people think about business opportunities when they think about Serbia. The truth is, it is a land of opportunities when it comes to starting any form or business. One thing most people love about Serbia is the hospitability and friendliness if the people. There is also a great passion for sporting events. The Serbian land has plenty of landscape and is filled with cultural and traditional heritage that makes it a great destination for tourist around the world. Serbia is located south east of Europe and the significant infrastructure, structural and institutional reforms has made it a catch for investors.

Here are some business opportunities that do well in Serbia


Even though there are countless foreign and home developed information technology companies in Serbia, this does not limit there are technology opportunities in the country. The technological sector has developed fast in the last couple of years. The start-up technology companies seem to do well in this area. It may not be one of the best countries in the region according to the levels of technology but awards any developers a room for improvement.  Many entrepreneurs have been making changes and contributions in Serbia’s economy.  This has attracted many investors who see potential in the young and upcoming businesses.

The agriculture sector

As you know, Serbia has numerous agricultural land and the climate and soil are natural and provide a favourable condition for agriculture.  The country has numerous agricultural opportunities.  There are also many agriculturalists and scientists who are experts at what they do.  The soil in Serbia can cultivate a variety of crops including; soya bean, maize, apples, plums, potatoes, whale and dairy products among other things.

Great infrastructure and construction

The government has set aside an amazing 1 billion dollars for infrastructure development in the state. Aside from that, there have been major construction and infrastructure breakthroughs in the country.  The infrastructure construction has led to the development of numerous business opportunities in the area.  The pan European corridor 10 highways and the corridor 11 have become priorities in the infrastructural development of the country.

The medical development

The government has completely modernised the healthcare sector of the Serbian republic. Although the medical sector is driven mainly by the private sector, it has a demand for the advancement of medical equipment and tools.  The increase in demand for modern medical services and devices has lead to the increase of medical station, practitioner and pharmaceuticals. The dentistry sector has not been left behind. There is high need for dental station, supplies and equipment.

Equipment for transmission and generation of energy

Due to the development of technology, infrastructure and other sectors there is great demand for transmission and distribution of energy across different sectors.  There is great need for importation and development of equipment, services and materials needed for the development of the energy sector.  The government is coming up with projects to modernise and develop long distance energy and heating systems in both large and rural towns.  This can be a great opportunity for investors and business developers looking to invest in their country.